Eliminate network latency issues for SQL applications

Data Accelerator accelerates the connection between client server applications across the internet or WAN.

It provides a secure, reliable, accelerated connection between an application and its SQL database.

Our patent pending technology uses machine learning to predict SQL queries, retrieving the data your app needs a fraction of a second before it needs it.

Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005-2016 and SQL Azure



Data Accelerator prefetches SQL responses, so that they arrive before the client application sends the request. Prefetching effectively removes the latency between the client application and SQL server, giving significant performance gains.


Data Accelerator is transparent to the app and the database so it can be used with existing applications without any code changes or custom configuration.

Reliability and Security

Data Accelerator ensures a reliable and encrypted connection between client and server.

Data Consistency

Unlike complex caching systems, the prefetching approach to SQL traffic acceleration implemented by Data Accelerator ensures that all reads to a SQL database return only the most up to date, correct and consistent data, regardless of how many concurrent users are reading and updating the database.